Searching for English speaking midwives in Dresden area

Hi everyone. I'm currently expecting and I'm a first time mom who's also an expat in Germany. My husband and I just moved back here permanently in August 2016 after his job in Finland. I'm currently pursuing integration course as well. However I don't think I would have enough time to master the language. The midwives I have found in Freital only speaks German and doesn't understand English, which is a major problem. Besides that, they do not allow my husband to join or to have any translators.

I am under pressure with how it works here. In Malaysia, we do not have midwives. I would highly appreciate if anyone would know where I could find English speaking midwives preferably in Altstadt or nearby. Neustadt is too far from where we live as we are 20 mins out of Dresden city.

Thank you. I appreciate your time.

A midwife can be a good source of support, especially for a first-time mother - but only if you can communicate with her.
However, the services of a midwife are optional and, if you cannot benefit from it due to the language barrier, it is perfectly o.k. to not have one.
You will have a hospital-appointed midwife during birth and can get most of the medical support needed from your gynaecologist and paediatrician. (Medical doctors, being better educated, are more likely to speak English!). For everything else (e.g. how to deal with a baby in daily life) you can probably find an experienced elder lady (surrogate grandmother) in your circle of friends or neighbours.
My (Singaporean) wife did it this way and we were fine.

Thank you. That is wonderful to hear. My gynecologist speaks English (thank goodness), but she's the only one who does for now. Because I just moved here, I have not met many people besides those around my age of mid 20s in class. So I am heavily depending on family.

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