Looking for mates who are up for studying Indonesian (Kelapa Gading)

I'm Eugene from Korea, and it's been almost 2 and half months since I came in.

Doing my internship at goverment-related company, I'd decide to study Bahasa Indonesian,
and would love to meet some mates in order to study together.
The language we gonna use would be in English along with Indonesian for practice as well.

So if you are up for it, just comment or message to me to organize something together.
* Indoensian local guys or private teachers are also super welcomed to join me!

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
I'm not in for the language course, but I would like to wish you good luck in finding friends to join you.

Hello Eugene,

Which part in jakarta are u?
Im not really tutor but i've been looking for korean tutor/exchange.
Need to understand when gathering with korean clients.  :/

Thanks for your reply:)
I'm living in Kelapa Gading, MOI exactly.

We could be of help to each other, couldn't we? :)

Kind of you!
Appreciate your words :)

Hello , sure.. i will drop message to u

  I would like to join in too.

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