Lifestyle Queries, Costs, Friends

Hello, everyone,
I am planing to move to Al Ain soon, as I get I job as Architecture Engineer. 
First of all, I would like to make some friends and to get in touch with you who have already been through it.
Also, I would like to know any useful information, about lifestyle there, socializing, sports/gym, pets...etc
I would probably have a salary basic+ other=5500 AED + for food 500 AED. Is that enough, and how much is it :D considering that I would have accommodation and transpiration provided by company.

Regards And Thanks

You are very welcomed   .  I live in Al Ain .It is very beautiful city . I am an artist  working with different media . Please be in touch.


Currently in your boat ! Moving there soon ! Can u answer those questions u posted lol

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