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Hello, I have just found out about this expression "Jeg har det som blommen i et æg" and it happens that I'm going back to Denmark after living in another country for a few months. Denmark is the place where I feel like home, and I'd like to write this to one of my Danish friends when I'll get to the airport in Cph, do you think it's correct? I'm still in a learning process of this language but I'd like to impress her. I tried looking it up on Google in both dnaish or english forums but everywhere it's just explained, never really used in a sentence so I can understand it better.

Gæt hvem der kommer tilbage i hyggelig Danmark? Jeg har det som blommen i et æg og har aldrig nogensinde haft det så godt som nu!! Vi ses på "Australian Night" i eftermiddag!

Or is there a better way of asking " guess who is back home?"

What do you think guys? Tak!

Politiken (dictionary)
have det som blommen i et æg = be in clover= be in the catbird seat
DEFINITION:  <amerikansk engelsk; uformelt> If you say that someone is in the catbird seat, you think that their situation is very good. EKSEMPEL:  à If he had not been hurt I think his team would be sitting in the catbird seat.

.... Jeg har det som blommen i et æg .....
You'll have to add something (an adverb, a sentence) to above sentence to give it sense, e.g. just now (lige nu) or in Denmark (her i Danmark), because everybody is so kind .....

I wouldn't use the idiom in this connection as it is more about being comfortable, spoilt, satisfied than about happiness.  I would just tell her that it is wonderful to be back again.

Welcome back home to Denmark

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