Housing.....bit of advice.


Sorry for the long post.

We are hoping to move to Morocco late next year.

I think we have found a suitable property...although obviously we need to see it first....but it sounds good.

I looked at loads of properties online. Most were through estate agents..for long term lets.

I then found a site called Avito.....I think that was it.......where I saw a property that was cheap.
I sent a message...didn't know if it was a private ad...or an agent.

To cut a long story short.....I have been in contact with the person through email....turns out it is not a Company or agent...but someone who owns properties. The property I originally saw has been let.

She has 2 more properties they are new properties just outside the medina in Asilah, which is where we want. It all sound good. The property is one bedroom unfurnished for 1500 Mad per Month which sounds great.

I have been given a phone number to contact her when we get to Asilah, (we are visiting early next year). All great.

The advice I need is does this sound ok. I understand that we would need a contract and we would need to sign it....but how would I know if it was all above board and legal?

I'm sure it is....but I just want a bit of advice from someone that has already done this.

Thanks in advance.


If it is  in Asilah City center that it is "ok" for a 1 bedroom flat. I am saying ok, as Asilah's  living cost is less than Tangier and is only "alive" in summer let's say, so you can still (if you want to and if the landlord agrees) reduce the rental price a little bit.

with regards to the formalities, you should not be surprised if the landlord refuses to establish a contract, because generally they try to avoid income taxes. You insist to have it, or at least any agreement between you that is to be legalized at the town hall (the signatures in Morocco are not legally binding until it is certified by an officer at the town hall supported by your ID/Passport) and you should ask for evidence that the person "owns" this property, because it happened that people who were not owners nor agent of properties, rented without the permission of the real owner.

and finally you have to be able to read french or be accompanied by someone who reads french or arabic as these are the languages in which any official documents will be issued or drafted.

Hope this helps!

Good luck :)

I forgot a point, some town hall officers may refuse to legalize the lease contract based on your condition of non-resident, you try to convince them that you need this contract to settle your situation and apply for residency in Morocco, if it does not succeed, look for another town hall or legalization office, there is one per area normally.

I suppose that you know, that once in Morocco you and to avoid being in an irregular situation vis-à-vis immigration authorities, you  have to leave the country every 3 months, you can apply for your residency card in the meanwhile (if you intend to).

Thank you so much for your reply,

Yes..I have heard about people renting properties out when they do not own them...which is a worry! I will insist on some sort of contract that will be legalised.

Thanks again.

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