Property prices in Saudi Arabia

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Finding affordable housing in Saudi Arabia is number one priority for newcomers. Tell us more about the estate market in your district/city/region.

What are the most desired places to live? What are the most affordable ones? What is the average cost of a rented flat? And what is the average sale price for an appartment or a house? Could you tell us more about local real estate policies/procedures? What about property tax or residency tax in Saudi Arabia?

What about you? Where do you live now? Is it a place you would recommend?

Thank you in advance for your clarifications.


So I live in Mecca. Most people in this city (and I think Jeddah as well from what I can tell) live in Condos they rent out. The condo owner could own the whole building or only the individual condo.. it just depends on the place. These apartment/condos are usually quite spacious and provide adequate room for a small family.  Coming from America the prices I face here are dramatically cheaper. My condo runs us 35k/yr which is about the going rate in this city and has three large bedrooms but originally had four. One was opened up to add room to the living area. Most people live in these type of places unless they live in a compound or a villa. Villas are usually extremely large as all single family type usual homes are condos. Villas usually are made for large families with small apartments on them that the builder usually made originally for their son when he is to marry and live there as long as he likes. Or till he can make his own villa I suppose. Sometimes families find their sons apartments unoccupied because the son moved for work or whatever the case may be and decides to rent it out. They are usually quite nice since they were originally made for family and not for a renter. They run about the same price. You cannot own property here unless you are Saudi and property prices can be high or low it just depends on whats for sale and the area although currently the housing market is towards the low end so if someone is Saudi you know and is willing to buy you a home and you're willing for it to be forever in their name then you could catch a decent deal around this time.

Expats live in rented flats or apartments in a building, villa or compounds.
Most expats have their full or some part of accommodation cost covered by their employer.
Western and some arabs reside in compounds due to freedom, security and facilities. They range from 80,000 to 200,000 per year for a one bed villa or more.Good compounds may have pool, gym, market, restaurant.
Flat rentals is based on area, location and age of building and may range from 16,000 to 60,000 a year.
Since Arabic is the language of business and law, renting an apartment can be nightmare for expats. Also since rents are collected based on Hijri dates and employer pay on Georgian dates, expats end up paying more. Hijri calendar year has 10 more days than Georgian calendar year.

it is a difficult task to find a housing/flat for you and especially if you are with family. worst thing in Saudi Arabia is that Government needs to have check and balance over real state business and there is none, housing cost must be cross checked and controlled by Gov. not by real state people, they have there own desired cost. its not about expats only even average income Saudi with family is facing same, not all Saudis have huge salaries, they also face same problems like flats/houses rents needs to be watched over by Govt............

Dear it depend on your income & your job location.Normally dammam is cheaper then khobar average rent for 2BHK is SR-16000/-

2BR, 1 DR, 1 Hall, 2 Tiolets, 1 Kitchen - Same type of apartment in Shamaisi is about 12000/- yearly, Janaderia 8000, Nadheem 9000, In hara 22000/- In Malz 24000/- In Sulaimania 30000, Olaya 40000, Dabab street 32000,  In um al amam 20000 and  I live in back of Marriat Wazaraat paying 40000 yearly where no parking, and thick population issue, It is very peaceful area in Riyadh Definitely i will prefer my own area. I am living in Riyadh from last +20 years.

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not correct, most figure are absolutely wrong, few are correct........also not your fault, as I have mentioned in my comment, depends on Aqaari, every aqaari has his own wish and desire......


I think 2017 will be different , many apartment will be offer for rental , rental price will be less thanks before , rate for lands already less than before.

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do we all participants who provide valuable feedbacks to you all, which is easily translated in fiscal units, we suppose to be paid for providing value generated feedback?.........just curious I don't know other members agree with me or not, but me just thinking from another point of view?...............
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I live in a large 2 bed room apartment in a new building in Khobar, Eastern Province, KSA.  I have views over to Bahrain.  The apartment is about 120sqm in size so rooms are generous.  I have two full bathrooms, a guest toilet and the maids room also has its own en suite bathroom.  The kitchen has no fitted appliances.

I pay just under SAR4000 per month payable in advance (6 months at a time).  This is good value for money in todays' market.  I have looked at other options recently and I battle to find anything under SAR75 000 per year (I pay SAR47 000). 

Living "on the outside" ie not in a compound, is hard.  If there are local Saudis in your block you are very restricted on what you can do.  It affects wives a lot - my wife finds it very limiting.  The moment she steps out our front door, she has to be wearing her abaya.  No male friends can visit unless I am home.  Yes, you can save a lot on housing costs living outside but the benefits that come from living in a compound are huge.  If you have a wife and kids, compound living should be your first port of call.

Figures are on average basis

Living Al ahsa in quite cheaper than other cities. 2 beds , one kitchen and along 2 toilet in good area rented cost is 15000 to 22000riyals.

Hi, I am staying in Ar Rawadah area of Riyadh. The area is very calm quiet and good market place. I have proximity to all shops which I used to visit like hyperpanda Jarir Saco city max center point Tamimi carefore Othaim Lulu and home center and all banks eateries like Pizza Hut pizza inn  KFC mac Donald Tajaj and all sports shop. Rawadah has two big gardens for jogging and hangouts.
The most common housing available is 2 BHk with dining costing around 30- 35000 SAR per year. There are also villas for rent starting from 50000 to 110000 SAR P. A.
Main reason for choosing the area is proximity to Indian school.
Area is quite lively and peaceful.
There are many villas for sale also and can be checked with local property dealers.

The subject title should be changed to RENTAL ACCOMMODATION rather property price. No expat is permitted to buy a villa or any other property.

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