Indonesian just move in to Curitiba-Brazil

I am Indonesian, new comer in this blog, just move in to Curitiba-Brazil. I would like to find new friends from this blog to share ideas and informations about how to survive in this country.

Welcome on board sofie_sofie ;)

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halooo.. seneng ada orang indo akhirnya di brazil.. saya tinggal di londrina -  parana. kalo mau chat bisa ke email saya di superskas[at] hav fun!

skas, could you please post in English ?


Hi sofie_sofie and skas Apa kabar? Salam kenal .
I'm Indonesian too but living in Blumenau,just arrived here 10 days ago but I've spent more then a month in Sao Jose dos Campos.
Stil searching flat and portuguse lesson,kalo kalian ada jalan ke Blumenau mari kita ketemuan

I have a lot of virtual friends of Indonesia and Phil...
You will be welcome in Ctba, where the life seems with more interests than by you.
My email is decoretj* for more explanations

Hi Sofie, Skas and Belyrose,

Apa khabar? Both me and my wife are now in Curitiba. We are Malaysians and now here for 2 years here. Can obviously meet up and of-course, get together at one point (berkenal-kenalan)
You can still mail me on mahen.arul[at] or even from this link/blog.


Bom dia Sofie,
Will be with great pleasure to meet you for talking on Ctba and on Indonesia, where some part of my family is living now.
Please to call me : 41 3501 4787 (our apt is near from Passeio Publico). You will be welcome.
Next monday will be a dinner 'frites party' with French-speaking young-exchanges of the RotaryClub, if you like.

Hi Sofie,

Welcome to Brazil and to Expat-blog, hope you really enjoy both very much.

As for tips and information about living in Brazil, if you haven't already done so take the time to read all of my postings at the top of the first page of the Brazil Forum, they contain just about everything you will need to know. While the article 'High Cost of Living in SP, how to economize' was written with São Paulo in mind the information applies to any large city in Brazil so it should help in Curitiba as well.

If there's anything else you need to know don't hesitate to post a topic and pose your question, you will get lots of replies I'm sure.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog

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HI Sofie,

Welcome to Brasil...
As a brasilian I can say, Brasil is a good place to live and You wil get help for sure.
Feel free to write me and ask.

See You.

hi friends ,
I am from India.I am intended to move to Curitiba for 2 years on an assignment .Need your help and advice as I wanted to check on key aspects .Would be obliged if someone can help me with the below information
Indian Food and if possible Halal Food
Medical Facilities
Basic infrastructure -mode of  transport , electricity,
average daily cost


hallo..apa kamu sudah di brazil..?

ENGLISH please!!!

Expat-blog Experts Team

thanks for reminding back

hi james may I ask for your help , if anyone here yamg Indonesian people living in brazil ?

While you might not find too many of your fellow Indonesians there you might want to check out the Curitiba Social Network anyway. … /curitiba/

Expat-blog Experts Team

Are you still living here?

Welcome to Brazil, if u need anything just send me a msg ***


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