is 47000 SEK monthly before tax a good Salary?

I have been offered a Job in Sweden Stockholm.The Monthly salary is 47000 SEK before taxes.
I am  married with two Kids (7 &3).My wife will not work there soon.
I want to know if I can make it with the proposed salary and can still be able to save.
Your advise will be highly appreciated as I have to take a decision.

Your post is quite old, hence I don´t know if it´s still relevant.
But - I would say it depends on many things. What will you pay for renting a house / flat? Would you have to pay for the school / Kindergarden for your kids yourselves? Who pays for your health insurance? Do you need to purchase a car there "to get around"? It depends on many things. I don´t live in Sweden, but in Denmark, but I think there are big similarities between the 2 countries, not the least in terms of taxes and cost of living.

You also have to consider that - just like in Denmark - taxes in Sweden are quite high. Cost of living in terms of food, clothing etc. is probably higher than in many other European countries too.

47.000 SEK with todays exchange rate is about USD 5.200,-
That is not a lot, but I would say it´s possible to have a good life and to even save a bit with that salary. Unless of course you have many "side costs" - which could be the mentioned things: Buying a car, paying for your kids to go to school, paying for social security / health insurance etc.

Thanks for your reply
I dont have side costs...I will initially rent a two bed room apartment for Maximum 12000 SEK in the suburbs..I will not rent a security is  not covered by the salary...I will not pay for school kids
In near term I'am planning to just pay for an apartment

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