Criminal background check for T7 visa, yes or no

I have check and rechecked the following site for specificity on this issue:, and found no mention of this requirements for pensioners applying for the 1-year

T-7.  Then I found the following at a site called, and it reads as follows:
"A criminal record report from the police from your last country of residence, unless you are 65 years

of age or older. You can obtain this from your local police station, and it must be translated into

Spanish by a certified translator."

It is noted that Eucador now requires both local CIS and FBI.  State CIS would be relatively easy and

quick, but FBI check takes months, and if an issue arises, many more months to resolve it.

Therefore, it would be helpful if those of  you over 65 and recently granted a cedula did in fact submit

one or both forms of background check.  And if you applied in country, how did you manage to

obtain the required check in the required time as mandated for granting the cedula?


Hey Seoulguy. I have a T7 and never had a background check since I was heading to Colombia not Ecuador. But, is the official site and I checked and no mention of such -which you said too. I've never heard of the other site which you mentioned but I did have one of my Colombian friends check the official site and she said if it was true it would state it there. I will mention neither my friend or I are lawyers, or immigration experts.
Maybe someone that knows more than me will respond. I hope so as I've got to renew my T7 in a couple months.
Peace bro

Thanks for the reply. You're okay, it's no. I have check with and have a visa attorney in Medellin. So, now the problem is EPS and what "basic services" means.  I don't know your age, but the killing of Medicare is the impetus for my foray into CO.  I Rio Negro.  Are you in a smaller town outside of Medellin.  I don't think I can stand the traffic and confusion there.  I have lived and worked in Mexico City, so I know what I'm talking about.  Looking for a small town with the necessary amenities, maybe Laguna de Guatape.

Well that's good news. I live in a barrio, San Antonio of Rionegro. It's i think a great place, beautiful, friendly people, pretty safe and great modern med care. Guatepe certainly beautiful with the giant rock and huge lake.
I like visiting there but no idea about the local med care there. I would guess with all the current construction of gazillion peso houses and communities there they would have good med care...but I'm only guessing.

seoulguy :

the killing of Medicare is the impetus for my foray into CO.

The death of Medicare is a fiction.

As Paul Krugman recently opined in his recent and cogent critique of the Medicare issue, Medicare is more efficient than private insurance because it doesn’t spend on advertising and because it isn’t required to make a profit, and therefore...

Despite recent rumblings, the push to cut or privatize Medicare will fail once the public realizes the efficient nature of this program on which so many seniors depend*.

IMO anyone who is bailing on the U.S. or moving to Colombia or another country based on ‘Mediscare' is ‘jumping the gun'. 

There are plenty of valid reasons to move overseas, but fear of Medicare’s supposed impending death is not one of them.


*Krugman’s essay “The Medicare Killers" appeared in the New York Times and, dated November 18, 2016.  Krugman is a Nobel Prize-winning economist.

I agree with you and Krugman. Moving to colombia (or anywhere) because of medicare doesnt make much sense. Personally imo moving to a foreign country is a giant decision...not to be taken lightly. I travelled pretty extensively in my life for both work and play before i moved to colombia. I knew what i was getting into but def not for everyone. Id recommend anyone come for at least a month or two before making any commitment. Also travel the country to make sure youre moving to the right city. Dont buy any property unless youve lived here at least a year. And some of these expat sites are full of people who just want your money...dont fall for it. And yeah you can find a great place here for less than youd dream of in the states. But if its in a neighborhood where you cant walk the streets especially at night youll be back in the states within a couple months completely disallusioned. Maybe pissed off at wherever you chose. But a lot of that is because you fell for these shysters bs and didnt do your homework. My advice read read read and not just the sugarcoated bs. Google the problems with wherever youre thinking too. No place is perfect.
Im happy with colombia. Actually i love it here. its beautiful and i like the people. No regrets. But its not for everyone.

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