Asylum in Chile

I know this sounds unfamiliar for most people, but I'm a refugee from Syria, I have been in the UK for more than 16 years, and still struggling to be integrated, I speak English fluently, I studied in the UK, and worked so hard, but the UK is becoming an unwelcoming place by the day, and however hard I tried there are always obstacles in my face, and I know many people with similar situation.
So I'm really thinking about moving to South America, like Chile or Urugyay, the problem is I don't have a passport yet, yes you read it correctly after 16 years I have no passport, and the UK HO is refusing to grant me one. All what I can obtain is a travel document.
Also, I have a long term illness, so I'm worried about disruption in my treatment.
So I need to know, is it possible to claim asylum in Chile on the grounds of mistreatment by the UK as a host country, or lack of prospect of integration?
Please advise me, any information will be received with gratitude, as my situation is really bad.

Sorry to hear about your sad situation. I think it would be best for you  if you contacted the Chilean Consulate in London. They would have all the info you need.

I already checked their website, there're no info on permanent settlement in Chile.

I would call or stop by. I guess they must have a consulate in London. Your situation is very unique and would require a personal interview. :)

Yes I think that's the best possible step, you don't happen to know about the Chilean refugee law that was passed in 2010? Thanks for your interest in my situation.

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