Recommendations for an immigration lawyer and an accoutant ?

Hello everybody,

I'm living in France, Toulouse, where I own my own company.
Currently, I'm working on a new project/start-up and I'm searching for two kind of profiles:

- an immigration lawyer with a good knowledge about E-2 visa, helping me to undertake the necessary steps for an immigration demand,
- an accountant to assist me onto the creation of LLC in San Francisco Area.

Maybe some of you have individuals to recommend me ?

Thanks you very much by advance !


You may want to contact Alexandra93101. She's based in southern California and is an investor visa consultant. I'm sure she can points you to a few poeple, lawyers and accountants, as she helped a lot of people with E2 visas.

Great! Thanks you very much for this connection :-)

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Alison Yew is in the San Francisco area. Google her or look her up at the California State Bar's website. Michael D. Sassi is a great accountant who works with business such as yours and is great with international clients.  You might consider a business attorney as well if you don't have one already. I can help on that aspect, as I've done business immigration in the past. We are all in the San Francisco area. Good luck!

I am not an immigration lawyer, I am not called David and I am not a man.  I was not self advertising.

Have you got a lawyer yet? Immigration lawyers handle any matters pertaining to immigration, including citizenship and naturalization proceedings, permanent residence, green cards, work visas, asylum, deportation hearings, family-based immigration waivers, and any other legal issues surrounding immigrants. Lawyers are there to help when a problem becomes too big to handle on your own. Web sites and the local bar association are just a few of the great additional resources that are out there.

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