other people from abroad living in Birmingham

Hello my name is Marisol I am from Mexico and I am also interested in knowing the experience of other people from abroad living in Birmingham. Specially I would like to know if there is an ex pats club or group that helps expats to settle down here. Thanks.

Hello Marisol,

I created a new topic as from your post on the Birmingham forum for better visibility.

Do not hesitate to ask specific questions on your thread.

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Hi Marisol,

My partner & I are currently living in Birmingham.

We have found a few groups on Meetup and so far the Mandarin English Exchange group is pretty good & also Birmingham English speaker group which we haven't try out, looks promising too.

Since we've moved to Birmingham 1 month ago, I've been actively contacting a few Expats on this site & we've created a separate Whatsapp & Facebook group chat, arranging outing & run Meetups events as well.

A few of us own a car so we'll be planning to do some road trips next year as well.

You might probably refuse but if you're open to meet our small little adventurous international group (Australian, French, German, English), feel free to contact me.

Otherwise have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  :D



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