Private DJ Party

Hello party goers in Jeddah.

A private party this coming Thursday November 24.

Entrance tickets:
For men: 150 SR
For females: Free entrance

The venue is private & Secured.

No Saudis guys allowed.

Light food, Water, soft drinks all available at the venue.
Interested people just send me a PM.


Advertising should be in the appropriate classifieds section. ready to join

Damn...why so late bro? I'm attending another party.

Next time advance notice pls...:D



Already done bro.

No problem. Invite him to the next one  :D

I'll announce here if there is any

Haha..yeah i just realised its already done but i hope this wasnt the last one ☺☺

Sure looking forward to it

"No Saudis guys allowed."

So mean :|

Ahmad.Mousa :

"No Saudis guys allowed."

So mean :|

Awww...and the irony...Saudi girls are allowed :D

:o  when Private party is announced in public forum

Intetested. So, when is your next party going to be?  Are there Filipinos attending? Thanks and regards.

Can tell me more about the event and location .
Akhtar riaz

Any néw year party ??

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