Make sure you know your room mate or the host via proper ID.

Be careful when you are looking for housing under this platform and other.  I love  it  but common sense should  be used. Make sure  you know the host before giving out money or rent. Avoid unnecessary  use of there wifi. It might be tapped by hackers who want to steal  your information. Always ask for copy of  their ID and references since most of the host cannot be social ID via their social network  . Stay safe expat. If you need advice feel free to leave a message here.

Hi Cecil.miller7777 > if you find any suspicious profile / advert here, please report us by clicking on the report button. Thank you.

Thanks, I will definitely.

I think that this can equally apply to the many offers of assistance that people tend to post on here, whether it be housing, cars, work, whatever.

Regarding accommodation, always view it yourself - never entrust a 3rd party to help you.  Its better to go through a reputable property agent, especially if you are new in Kenya.  Their rental contracts are likely to be properly drawn up and their agents will usually accompany you on property viewings.

If you have found a private landlord, then get a lawyer to go over the rental contract before you sign it.  Also, landlords will want to protect themselves against rogue tenants, so be prepared to have copies made of your ID.  It is usual in Kenya for ID numbers to be  included on rental contracts.  For a foreigner, this will be their passport number.

Regarding the wifi, I wouldn't have thought that many rentals offer wifi and there would be more of a risk in public places.  You can reduce the risk of being hacked by using your own data connection, such as Safaricom, Airtel, or Orange.

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