Breach of contract?

Hi guys,

we got  kicked out of our flat though a middle men which was dealing for our landlord with the property due to the fact that the landlords son is coming to Malta (we just signed a 2 year contract with the flat May 2016). We asked for a written statement that we have to leave the flat and we agreed to move out -  as for the family circumstances he has. We never received a written statement that we are leaving or that we left - so theoretically we are still legally tenants of the flat.

Well, as it happened beginning of Nov 2016 - we now saw, that the middle men is living at the flat and not the son. All a lie! We are really devastated as not only we paid much less in the past flat but the lie itself hurts.

Does it make sense to sue the landlord? What would you do?

Any advice is appreciated

Personally, I think it's a bit late now to do anything so I would put it down to experience and get on with my life!  What's done is done, it's a shame he couldn't have been honest but hopefully karma will bite him in the bum one day....

Did you ask for one months extra rent back due to his breach of contract? Think I would have insisted on that before leaving due to the extra hassle associated with finding another place. Did you pay an agency there finders fee for the place also? I.E. are you out of pocket for more agency fees?

Your landlord is in breach of contract.  I would definitely seek legal advice.  You are the legal occupants of the property until May 2018.

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