What is the right time to send resignation to your employer ?

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Can I ask what is the right time to send resignation to your employer?
As of now I will be 1 year this coming January 1 next year, so can I have any advice regarding this and how to get mobility? Before I send the resignation or after January 1 I will get mobility?
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The right time depends on your Contract which you have signed when joining. If it says 2 months notice  period then 2 months prior. You could also speak to your manager and if he/she agrees it could be reduced.


Hi Sir,

I tried to talk my  cousin because they get me here in Bahrain she said i will give notice next month because January 1 is the expiration of my 1 year visa. But the problem how about he will not release me?what will I do? Thanks

It all depends on your contract that you have signed when you joined. If the contract says 1 year employment contract with 1 month notice period, then if your visa is expiring on dec 31st you can put down your papers on Nov 1st, this is just an example. Please refer to your contract. if your employer does not release you for any reason if you have followed the contract rules please contact LMRA.

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Thanks a lot for giving me advice yeah it's indicated to my contract 1month notice so by next month I will do my part also as employee...thank u so much

Kindly read the below link, which informs you about the rules of Mobility if your planning to move to another employer without exiting Bahrain


Ok thanks I will check the link and I know it will help this...thanks a lot

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