Moving to New Jersey (safe neighbourhood)

Hi guys, I really need a good advice. My husband got a job offer in fieldsboro, New Jersey. We are Muslim and will be moving from Canada. My son is two year old.  Can anyone suggest an area where there is a mix community and I can have desi friends and go to masjid as well? I have been living in Florida before marriage most of my life and I have always wanted to live in US but moving to New Jersey making me uncomfortable especially because of the situation nowadays. So, I am looking for an area where I can move freely with my son without any fear and which is close to fieldsboro. I am also thinking of continuing my education in healthcare. Any advice will be great. Thanks.

there are websites that plot the location of each them and pick a crime free hood.


Hi my fiance is moslem he lived in north arlington,  NJ . He said that north arlington is safe :)



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