Learn Dareja ( Moroccan Accent)

Hello everybody,

My name is Salem from Yemen.

I'm Working in Rabat and most time I spoke the my native accent or English  .
Searching for some people to help me improve my Moroccan accent , having discussions etc.
I can help in English .

Thank u all!

I heard that many Moroccan words are derived from yemeni language so o guess it should t be complicated for you to learn darija

It's really right so many words are common with us :-) , you know the problem that because Dareja are bit fast speaking so it's difficult to distinguish the words :-(
So it's need so many practice to adujest my hearing :-)


Yes once you get hold of the fast way if talking you will find it easy it's basically many similar words to normal Arabic but Moroccan put lots of "Sokoon" on the words so it sounds that all words are same

I would love to help you but I live in Marrakech

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