Is there an expat newspaper for advertising

Hi everyone.  My husband and I are retired Scottish health professionals who, after spending 8yrs in New Zealand, decided to travel the world before old age catches up with us.  We have been involved in cat/dog rescue for 30years so what better way to travel, meet new people, and make new furry friends, than to join the world of house and pet sitting.  We have been doing this in Australia for the last 18 months with only one week off so far as house owners keep re-booking us.

However, we plan to house sit in other countries after our final Aussie house sit is completed in November 2017.   We are aware there are listings for Asia on the site called Trusted Housesitters but they are few and far between.  Is there anything similar to Gumtree or a specific newspaper where we could offer our free service? 

We have booked a holiday to Bali in March 2017 to get a feel for the country first and are genuinely looking forward to seeing your beautiful country.  We will be using AirBnb and living with a real Bali family for a week.  We have still to decide what to do the second week. 

Hoping you lovely people can give me some advice.

In Bali the most common newspaper for advertising among expats is called The Bali Advertiser.

Sincere thanks Ubudian.  Had a quick look and lots of brilliant information there.   We will be checking out a few of the places advertised when we visit in March, and of course buying the newspaper.

Thanks again

When you are here in person you pick up the printed edition which is far more exhaustive in content than the web site edition. 

It's printed bi-monthly and it's free.  It can be found in many convenience stores, restaurants, bars, etc.


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