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Hi guys

I'm a singaporean and would like to find jobs in Thailand. Would it be difficult for a singaporean to find jobs

From what I understand it is not easy simply coming to Thailand looking for work. You need a work. I believe the normal process for a work permit is to have a sponsor. There are schools that will hire teachers that are not Thai's nationals. I believe there is a law in which an employer must demonstrate that a Thai can not do the work that a non Thai is being hired for. There are exception and there are things like IT nomads. However, anyone bending the rules and caught can be deported and black listed from reentering. I'm not a lawyer or an expert on this topic. All of the above is what I have heard repeatedly for some time. I would simply suggest looking for a sponsor who could hire you.

I do have a Wife but currently we are staying in Singapore

I have a plan to expand business in Singapore, and I am looking for
a business coordinator. Could you add my LINE: xxx
and we can discuss a little more.

Thank you

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