information about electronic components in Germany

I am running an online Electronic Components Business in China from years it is running successfully. This was the first and the only cross-border platform concentrating on selling Hot-Sale products and (EOL-End of life). Win Source has also branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippine etc for embedded ICs, semiconductors, passives, discrete, Connectors, interconnects electro-mechanical parts etc.

Now I want to run my this business from Germany but I do not know about its market and rule regulations so I would be really thankful if anyone could suggest me that how should I shift my business in Germany, what should I do, the estimated cost, German rules and regulations, and could it be beneficial for me or not, also anything else which is beneficial for me and for my business.

I'm afraid I can't offer much advice on rules and regulations to do with your industry, and I don't have much business experience to be able to advise on strategy. That said, I do know a little about online operations in general. One regulation that may be easy to overlook is the Impressum on your webiste - it's required for any online company wanting to operate in Germany. Essentially you just have to present your legal and contact information on your website. Have a look at this more detailed explanation, it's much clearer about it that I could hope to be!

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