Internship in Jakarta

Hi everyone!

I'm Kevin and I'm currently enrolled in a master's degree of International Business. I am looking for a marketing internship in Jakarta (January 2017 to June 2017)

So if you know someone interested or someone to whom I can be introduced to, please let me know and feel free to contact me!  :)

PS: I can speak indonesian too!

That would be work, and work requires a work permit.
If an Indonesian is able to do the job you want to do, you can't get a work permit to do it.

Harsh but true.

What Fred says is of course 100% correct, however, you might be able to "get around" this issue by contacting one of the several universities in Jakarta, the University of Indonesia (UI) being the best. 

It is my understanding (but I cannot confirm this) that foreign students enrolled in Indonesian universities are eligible for internship programs without work permits as the "work" is considered academic. 

It's worth a phone call to UI to find out for certain.

Good luck!

Hi Kevin,

Welcome to!

You can also view this article > Internships in Indonesia It might help.

Best of luck,

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