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Hi!  My name is Susan. My husband Steve and I are coming to Belize on 12/17/16 for a few weeks to look for property and get to know the areas a bit better. We currently live in CT. I own a small private art school and Steve is a retired fine woodworker. We are primarily interested in the San Ignacio but are also looking elsewhere. We have a few questions:
1: Is it recommended to get accommodations for the entire trip which would mean we have a set itinerary. We would like to be able to find places to stay at the last minute but can't tell from here if that is a good idea.

2: Can anyone recommend a good and trusted realtor (s) in the San Ignacio area, Corozol area, Garafuna area,and Stann Creek area?

3: We will be there over the holidays and are looking for something fun to do on New Years Eve. We will most likely be in San Ignacio at that time but if we get a kind offer we can be anywhere. Any restaurant we should make a reservation? Fun party for a couple of older artist types who like clean food and living?

Ok, that's it for now. Thanks in advance for any info.
Cheers, Susan and Steve

I sent you a PM relative to this post.

the only way to know where you want to live is to rent and live down there till you figure it out.  remember something like 40% of expats return north.

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