Traveling to Dubai, Bahrain or Qatar

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Does anyone knows the procedure when travel to Dubai, Bahrain or Qatar with Kuwait residence visa? Do I still need entering visa to those places? I'm thinking to go for a weekend.

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For Dubai you need to request a visa online before you travel at and that is the only way they issue it now.

For Bahrain you should get it easily on arrival, at least that was the case when I went a couple of years back and it was just a few dinars.

For Qatar you will also get it on arrival, I think the cost was around 10 KWD. Only certain professions are eligible though so check that first.

I'm also planning to go to Dubai soon and this is what i found out about visa to UAE: … visas.aspx

looks like you as a Danish passport holder do not need any special preparation

one more thing: i am in Bahrain now and the visa was BD 25 and it's a re-entry for 3 or 6 months - i have to check

and I have a question, too:
what shall I squeeze in into a weekend (Thu-Sat) trip to Dubai? It's going to be my first visit there.


Depends what your interests are. Dubai museum is well worth a visit. Take a boat trip along the creek, or you can visit any of the attractions, that will cost $$$. If you are planning to get up on Burj Khalifa book the ticket online, I think it is almost half the price compared to buying at the  site. Personally I find Dubai too artificial, Bahrain and Oman were way more interesting for me.


anyone tried the desert safari in Dubai ?

is seething like that in Kuwait?

Ah, there is that too...haven't personally done it, I am more of a do-it-yourself guy. :) "Desert safari" in Kuwait is quite a bit different. :)

Thank you all, you've been very helpful :)

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