Do I have to attest only my Latest degree or all degrees?

I'm a British national and thinking to move and work in Qatar. My latest degree is my "Master's Degree in Business Administration". From a European university. Do I have to attest only my latest degree to show my qualification or do I have to attest my all degrees? I work as an IT engineer, and I would do some work in IT in Qatar, if I will move out there. I have couple of Microsoft and Cisco certifications as well.

Looking forward for reply.


i think you need to attest all,
even if they will use the last degree, you never know when you are going to need the attested copy for,
personally, i keep 2 attested copies, you never what you will need it for (maybe you will apply for qatar uni scholarship !! or move to another country)

I think so attest all better for you to be in the safe side

attest all brother

just the MBA certificate

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