How easy/difficult it is to get job in the Dominican Republic?

Hello everybody! My name's Elia and I come from Italy. I would like to check out my chances of being able to live and work in Santo Domingo. Let me start with just a few words about my own background.
Recently I have recently graduated from University with a degree in Hospitality Management. I have worked at a Freight Firm for about 6 years as an air & road import-export Clerk. I can speak and write italian, english, spanish and I have an intermediate knowledge of russian. I got married last month to my dominican girlfriend of three years and we were thinking of living together in Santo Domingo.                                                        She has already a job and she is completely independent. Moreover, I should be able to get the residency and obtain a dominican cedula due to the fact I am married to a dominican citizen.                                                                     
This is my current situation. In your opinion, can I easily get a job in Santo Domingo in the tourism sector?
However, I am not limited to just tourism industry, but open to any job opportunity.
Any advice is more than welcomed and very much appreciated. Muchas gracias a todos, que tengan buen día :)

You are one of the few people who I think could get a decent job.  Your language skills, education and experience will work for you!

It will not be wages you are likely used to earning but decent for here!   

Start applying for  hospitality jobs from there!   Get the residencia in process and good luck to you!   Keep us posted on your progress.

Hi planner, thank you a lot for your answer, you gave me some hope :) I will start the residency application process in January and email prospective employers at the same time. However, I was reading that many companies won’t consider my application unless I am already in the country.                                                           
While waiting for my Immigration papers to be processed I can't work legally there. So, I am planning to bring approximately 5,000 Euros (5300 US dollars) to support myself during this waiting period. I hope it's enough  :/
Could you give me an idea of the local wages? Thanks again for your help.

Ok when I said  start applying I meant the  Resort industry specifically,  I should have been clearer.

Once you file your papers,  you can work. Many will then hire you as you wait for your file to process. 

Local wages will depend on what type of job you get.  Jobs in Management in the Resorts pay decently.  Representatives of inbound tour companies  give you a base plus decent commissions, with your languages this is a good start for you.

And a call center job  will pay you about  US 650 a month to start in Santo Domingo.

Dear planner, once again thank you for your help. In order to help fellow expatriates and potential migrants, I will be using this forum to post updates on my progress.
¡Hasta luego!

Yes please do up date us on your progress

Bob K

@Bob k
I will of course keep you informed of my progress  :cheers:


You should check in Las Terrenas, Samana.  There are a lot of hotels owned by Europeans, many of them are Italians.  I believe they can point to you in the right direction.  Try Hotel Albachiara, in Las Terrenas, Samana.

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