Lost Visa Application

Somehow, in the move, I have lost my visa application form.  I went to the local Office of the Polícia Federal to register, and was informed that it is impossible for me to register without this form.  The immigration manager at the Polícia Federal said I must contact the embassy where I recieved the visa.  So . . . I have been trying to contact the embassy in Chicago which issued my VIPERS, but they do not answer the telephone or respond to my emails.

Please save the castigation.  I have chewed myself out enough over this.  I am trying to find a solution to this problem short of returning from Brazil to the Chicago embassy.  Anyone have any ideas?

Well, I shouldn't be surprised that everyone on this forum is ignorant of anything that might help me solve this situation.  No one in the Brazilian government seems to have a clue either.  I find it virtually impossible to imagine that never in the history of the current form of government in Brazil, that not one single legal immigrant has ever lost this piece of paper, especially seeing that nowhere in the instructions for immigrating to Brazil is it mentioned that this piece of paper is anything but an application for visa, of which the visa has already been issued.

Looks like my Brazil residence didn't last long.  Guess I'll have to return to the states and try to start this process all over again.

don't blame the people on this forum .  you should be able to get answers from the Brazilian government on how to proceed. I'm sure if anyone here had answers they would give them to you. we are here on our own free will and we give answers if we have them.  I also dealt with chicago and they don't seem to answer the phone. You might try email.

If people on this expat website have not experienced the same problem as you, than no one will reply to your question,
Its not that they don't want to, its just they don't have an answer
The Brazilians don't answer the phones in the UK as well or email, the bloody useless

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