Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been rendering services as a development professional in different countries for more than a decade. My present role is HR Administrator and I have applied for a short term of two week training on Human Resource Management, as part of this training, I have to submit an article  on any one of the  HR relevant topics. I have selected “Working Hours”
as it is one of the predetermined feature of Employment contract of any employee and employer agrees and enters in. Am being an expatriate for many years, I opted to study working hours related to expatriates, whether the present working hours suit for the expatriate staff recruited by international non-government organizations to render their services effectively or not.
This study is purely for submitting an article and will not be used for any other purpose. If it is approved, it might be published in expatriate relevant journals.
I have developed a short questionnaire to understand from your point of view “does the extended working hours exterminate the enthusiasm of expatriates rendering services in developing countries, recruited by international non-government organizations? ”
The questionnaire is divided in to Personal and four sections. Each Section contains 5 Questions; excluding Personal total questions are 20. You might take less than 30 minutes of your valuable time to filling up this questionnaire.
Am grateful, if you could fill up and send this to me latest by 18 November 2016.

Thanking you in advance for your time and valuable inputs for making this study success.

Name: Optional            Nationality: Optional                 Country of Origin:           Present/recent Employer name : 
1. Your age group: (a)  below 29 Yrs     (b) 30- 39yrs (c) 40-49Yrs (d)  50-59 Yrs  (e) 60&above
2. Your Gender:   (a) Female (b) Male (c) do not want to disclose
3. Your role:   Select all that apply.
(a) Administrator (b) Nurse (c) Doctor (d) Advocacy Officer  (e) Mental Health Officer (f) Finance Officer  (g) HR Officer (h) Logistician (i) Architect  (j) Any other specify
4. Education: Select all that apply.
(a) Undergraduate (b) Graduate (c) Post Graduate (d) Technical training (e) PhD (f) Any other specify.
5. Have you ever attended any training outside of your country of origin?
(a) Yes (b) No  (c) do not remember
1.    The present/ or recent   mission/assignment is/was your first mission /assignment
(a)    Yes (b) No    If your answer is No, give the number of countries you worked so far.

2.    The duration of your present/recent mission /assignment is /was
(a)    Less than 3 months (b) 3M-less than 6 Months (c) 6M- less than 9 Months (d)9 M and above

3.    Do you have/had Rest & Recuperation leave?
(a)     Yes (b) No  (c) Do not know (d)  Any other specify

4.    After how many months you are entitled to avail your annual leave?
(a) 3 Months (b) 6 Months (c) Any time  (d)   Any other specify
    5.    How do you rate your present/recent country of assignment/mission as safe?   
          ( Here safe means only walking alone in pre-designated areas.)
(a)    Very safe  (b) Somewhat safe   (c) safe  (d) cannot say (e) Any other specify

1.    According to your employment contract, how many working hours you have/had signed for, to work  in a  week?
(a)  Less than 35 hours   (b) 35 hours – less than 40 hours (c) 40 hours – less than 45 hours (d)  Any other specify
       2.  In reality, how many hours you work/worked in the mission/assignment?
            (a) Less than 30 hours (b) 30- less than 35 hours   (c) 35 hours – less than 40 hours 
           (d)  40 hours and above

       3. In your present /recent mission/assignment, how many days off   in a week?
           (a) one day  (b) two days  (c) three days  (d) Any other specify

      4.  According to you, what are ideal number of working hours a day in an emergency  context?
           (a) 8hrs- less than 10 hrs   (b) 10hrs- less than 15 hrs (c) No idea  (d) Any other specify

5. According to you, how many minutes you need a break from the work after working of 4hours   at    stretch?
(a) 10- 15 Minutes   (b) 15 -20Minutes  (c) 20-25 Minutes   (d) 25-30Minutes  (e) Any other specify

Section : 3
1.    How often do you go to your line manger to share about your  additional working hours?
(a)    Weekly once  (b) Weekly twice  (c) Never  (d) Any other

2.    How often do you listen to extra working hour frustrations from your team members?
(a)    Every day  (b) Twice a day  (c) Two days  (d) Weekly (e) Any other specify

3.    How often do you contact your family/friends back home ?
(a)    Daily twice  (b) Daily once (c) When feel like  (d) Weekly once  (e) Any other specify

4.    How often do you engage in social gatherings in the country of your mission/assignment?
(a)    Weekly once  (b) Monthly Twice  (c) Monthly once  (d) Never  (e) Any other specify
       5. How often do you go out  in evenings in the country of your mission /assignment?
              (a) Weekly thrice   (b) Weekly twice (c) Weekly once  (d) Any other specify

1.    Are you willing to go for another mission/assignment?
(a)    Yes (b) No  (c) Not sure for now  (d) Any other specify

2.     How many months you want to take a break from present to the next mission/assignment? ( Next job as well in your own country)
(a)    I do not need a break (b) One month (c) Two months (d) Any other specify

3.    In general, do you prefer short duration or long duration of missions/assignments, while you are offered for high risk country context?
(a)    Short  (b) Long (c) Any  (d) Any other specify

4.    If you have worked for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week in the present/recent mission/assignment, are you willing to go for similar mission/assignment?
(a)    Yes  (b) No  (c) Any other specify

5.    In your opinion, working 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, weakens the enthusiasm and motivation of expatriates to work for International Non-government organizations?
(a)    Yes (b) No (c) May be (d) Cannot say  (d) Any other specify.

Any other comments ---

Dears Could you please respond to my questionnaire at the earliest, never mind the date

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