Experience since my arrival in Japan

Hi Members of the forum,
Really good to know there is a forum to share ideas together and equally receive ideas too. I am an academic and precisely a lecturer and a researcher in Nigeria,  i got an offer to do postdoc here in Japan and i arrived here close to two months now. japan is really a good place with good people atleast they are hospitable, but i think there is social problem here.
Life here is quite opposite of what i am raised up to know,  Here everybody body is busy with work and no social activities to interact and make friends, i have tried to reach out but language barrier have been a problem. I stay indoors most of these day working on my computer but am not such person that do monotonous work.
I need friends from both sexes and i need to associate, i also need to get along with Nigerians here but the city where i am is quite rural that many Nigerian may not  likely  live  here. I really needed to move on with my life because i am getting bored here on daily basis.

If can be connected with nice people i will appreciate it much.I live in Tottori.

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