Cheese making...need good milk that is not ultra pastuerized

We can buy rennet and citric acid in HCMC but I am having trouble finding milk (cow or goat) that is not high heat pastuerized.  If I can get raw milk, I can pastuerized my own.

IN Saigon you can buy fresh untreated milk, in Nha Trang it may be a little bit more difficult.


Found the fresh milk I was seeking in Nha Trang.  Located at 45 Quang Trung.  The cheese making can begin.


Just wondered where you bought your rennet and any other requirements for cheese.  I need rennet etc  Thanks

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You can get rennet, citric acid and more here.
Don't know where you are,  in Nha Trang, Moon Milk has fresh milk, as does Big C.  Spices , cheese, lamb, more. 
Saigon Tacos will ship.

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