Making plans for moving to Spain

Hello everyone,  My wife and I are researching information about all aspects of moving to the Valencia area hopefully by June 2017. I'm 63 years old and my wife is 55. I started receiving social security a few months ago and Marina continues to work. We live in Western North Carolina. Marina works with a woman that grew up in Valencia and She has told us many nice things about the area.

I'm certain that as our research evolves that there will be many questions and issues that this forum will be a much welcomed resource in helping us. Thank you for your help.

Mike and Marina

Hey guys welcome. We have loads of info available about moving to Spain, especially about the retirment or non lucractive visa for non eu citzens.   We moved over 4 + years ago from thr RTP area in North Carolina.   Valencia is a great place, but we are closer to Malaga.  I highly recommend a trip over to scope out where you would like to live, as it can be different from what you are told or read online.   Sometimes you just need to be there to see and feel a place, to know it is a good place to call home.

Hi, thanks for your warm reply and offer to help us in finding the path. As we gain strength in our approach I'm sure that there will be many questions. Thanks for offering to help.


p.s. Did you hear about all the wildfires occurring in WNC? We haven't had any rain in about 8 weeks.

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