salary $3500 (1385 Rials)- English language lecturer.ok?

I am George Aberi from Kenya currently living in Wellington, New Zealand. I applied for the position of English Language Lecturer for Technical Colleges there in Oman, and they have asked me to confirm whether I am ok with their proposed salary  of "Rial 1385 (USD 3500),"  and Start date "end of January 2017. In this context, I am writing kindly to ask for your view i.e. regarding life and living expenses in Muscat or any other nearby city. I have just finished my PhD studies here, and will be glad to know if the stated money is worth coming for- and enough to save some for my family. I trust you will be able to get back to me *** before I confirm to them my readiness to take up the teaching job. If possible, please include your phone number so I may talk to you directly. Thank you

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George Aberi

Hello George Aberi and welcome to

While waiting for members to tip in about your offer, please check out threads talking about living expenses and salary packages here below :

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Hi George!!

Hope you are well! I am also employed by a company in one of the Technical Colleges. This is the maximum they offer here. As far as your question whether it is enough, it depends on where you are posted. In most of the places, it is quite a good amount for lecturers. Best of luck. Have a great stay in this great country.

Hi Kanjee

Thanks for your prompt reply and links for further information

Kind regards

George Aberi

Hi Rashid

Thanks for your prompt reply and encouraging message. They gave me a list of colleges to choose from by ranking 1-7, but I couldn't tell which is in a good place i.e.

Nizwa College of Technology

Ibri College of Technology

Al Musanna College of Technology

Ibra College of Technology

Shinas College of Technology

Salalah college of Technology

Higher college of Technology

I may opt for those near Muscat. Please, advice i.e. before I confirm to them tomorrow. Thank you very much

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The one in Muscat is the Higher College of Technology (HCT). Al-Mussanah is the one closest to Muscat after HCT. However, Shinas is the closest to Dubai :)


Muhammad Rashid

Thanks, Rashid.  Your prompt response has helped me a lot. Have a good week ahead

Kind regards


You are welcome, George!

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