Ladies Soccer Team Club In Kuwait?

Hi there!
Am Not so new here in kuwait but am just curious on if there's any available soccer club  for women?From where am coming from I used to be a very dedicated striker in my team and we never loosed a single game, therefore I would find it so awesome to join in as soon as possible.
For the past two years has been ages to me coz I haven't been practicing soccer for quite along time.Soccer was my daily routine back home.
It will be my pleasure to receive your feedback asap!


I have been for three years here but never heard or saw a group of females playing football as its "cultural" awkward here  ( not illegal though).

I know expats usually play volleyball in schools in the evening time.

Take the lead and start your own group :)

Hello, thanks for your response.
I'll take note and try to start a group.I hope there will be ladies interested though :/

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