Living with a toddler and children in Shenzhen

Hi to everyone !

I am from Spain and I am considering a job offer to move with a local contract into Shenzhen. My family would move with me and I am trying to get in touch with expats with children to understand how is like to live there before I make the decision. I've got a  3yrs and a 7 yrs old boys. Whilst I see how positive experience will be for my kids to be exposed to a different culture, learn the language I've got some concerns:

Main is pollution in the air, water etc. How would this affect my children. The oldest had frequent laringuitis when he was younger.

Any advise?

Thanks !

HI Gardimel, did you end up moving to China with your family? We are in the same position now and would like to know how you went..

Hi! I´m in Shenzhen now and looking for friends both for me and my kids (1,5 and 3,5 years) if you're still here and want to meet up let me know!
Best regards, Eva Backholm

Hi, I'm just curious, did you move to Shenzhen? I'm here and would love to meet up if you are interested.
Best regards, Eva Backholm

1.  What the Western media tells you about China is all lies.  Ignore them.

2.  Shenzhen is very nice.  If I were to compare cities, I would rate Shenzhen as a 10, and London as a 8.  Tokyo as a 9.5 and Houston as a 6.  New York would be a 7.

3.  If you move to China go native.  It is the best thing that you can do.  Otherwise do not bother.

Hello 👋
I just arrived in Sz
I’m in Futian and I am looking for a kindergarten or some place for my girls (3-5)

I really appreciated it if somebody can help me


Have a wonderful day

Hey there , my name is Andy and I am living with wife and 2 year old son in Shenzhen / Futian .
We are looking for some friends mostly for our son to hang out with .
My we chat is ***

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