Volunteering in Cairo

Does anyone know a good organisation in Cairo (preferably downtown Cairo) in need of volunteers? (and preferably a place that helps refugees or which focuses on women's health/empowerment) I have English tutoring experience and also experience assisting refugees. I've emailed a couple places but everyone is unresponsive :/

I would recommend 57357 the children cancer hospital,and it's near downtown ,regarding women empowering I have no experience

am trying also  focusing on the educational  side , if you find any responsive org.  ,  notify me , am in .

Do you know by chance what kind of help they typically look for? I only have limited experience in the health care field, and I am hoping to do something where I will actually be useful. Shukran

You can help in visitor tour inside hospital ,play with kids ,drawing, when you go they will utilize your skills ,if you need help let me know
Have a good day


I'm sorry this might be a bit late, but I just signed up, anyway I'll get to it.

I used to volunteer in a place called StARS, it's all about refugees and women empowerment so I imagine it would totally be your thing, actually I will go there again in a few days to volunteer again, I say you should go for it, the atmosphere is a w e s o m e there, I promise.

That's wonderful. ...

:) thanks all our volunteers for your positive attitude hope you reach all your targets with no conflict or misunderstanding  we will operate visits to orphan shelters soon if you want to participate and join us just inform well :par:

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