Hallo, alle sammen!

Hei hei! My name is Emily, and I am a student in the United States. I am a citizen of the U.S., and I hope to receive a family immigration visa to move to Norway with my significant other, who is currently also studying in the U.S. We live in Kentucky, and we will both be completing our degrees by 2018. I will by applying to graduate school in Oslo at UiO (Universitetet i Oslo) to study Henrik Ibsen, and to obtain a Master's of Arts degree, followed by a PhD. Hope to have a career in Oslo as either a professor of Ibsen Studies or a Dramaturg at the Oslo Opera House.
I have been to Norway THREE times, and I will be traveling there for the FOURTH time in a little over two weeks. I love the country and the people, and I believe that Norway may really be the place for me. I have grown to love skiing and hiking through the snowy mountain tops. I am learning to speak Norwegian (norsk) slowly, but surely. I have limited working proficiency, and I have started speaking in minor sentences at home with my boyfriend/cohabitant.
I am here to learn a bit more about the process of applying for a family/cohabitant visa, and to hear about other people's adventures during the process. I know that some people from other countries are far less fortunate than USA citizens are when it comes to the processing time for the application, but I would like to try and connect with USA expats who have successfully received their visas.

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