Arts work in Norway?


My husband and I are considering moving to Norway as he is a Norwegian citizen and we got married recently (so I should be able to get the right to work there).

We are both well into our careers, so would be looking for permanent professional work (not casual). He's in the NHS here which translates well over there, but I work in the arts. I have been a theatre producer, stage manager, communications manager/PR, and more recently worked in the arts department of a university. I have experience in venue management and sales and a short time as an arts journalist, and a Masters degree in, essentially, cultural management. I would be happy to consider further study as well as work - but am finding it really hard to navigate the employment market from the UK.

Here it would be normal in the arts to write directly to potential employers and ask about work. Would that be fine in Norway?
Otherwise does anyone have any tips for finding arts/education work there?

I am mainly concerned about my language level. I have good basic/conversational Norwegian, and am continuing to learn, but do not have good formal or written level Norwegian. I feel that I would need to be pretty much fluent to work there, but he disagrees!

Any advice about starting the process of moving to this wonderful country would be greatly appreciated!

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