We are planning to live in mauritius, come from South Africa

Hi all currant development's in SA has us looking in to relocating to Mauritius.
We love our home town and country but we can't see a future here anymore.
It is not the easiest decision to make.
We were thing of coming to visit for a month or so to experience the island and people, hopefully meet other expats.
Are there any SA expats (knowing our culture and background as a Afrikaans caucasian South African) on this forum with advise regarding working and living on Mauritius?
Your insight will be much appreciated.
Wynand and Nadia

Hi there!

Would be easier if you had precise questions.


Hi Wynand and Nadia

Sure there are South African expatriates in Mauritius and it is good you give it a try and come on a tourist visa for your own judgement and I have no doubt that you will like it there and make it your second home.

If you look through the website you will find a range of useful hints and tips about coming to live in Mauritius whether working or retiring. 
There is a good size S African community here, but also other ex-patriates.  My experience of local Mauritians has been great - they are generally very friendly and helpful.

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