UK visa for Vietnamese national

Hi Everyone

I would like my girlfriend to visit me in the United Kingdom.  Ideally she would come on a tourist visa.  Does anyone know how much money she needs to have in order to get a tourist visa?  I'm not talking about the cost of the visa itself.   I'm talking about the money to prove she has 'sufficient funds' to support herself and get a flight home. 

If she had $10,000.00 in her bank account would that be enough?  She doesn't own any property and her job isn't well paid. 

Thanks in advance.

There's no specific "law" in getting visa from developed countries at all. I have seen rich people with fat bank account, houses, companies, etc. failed the visa interview. And poor girl like myself got the visa without having anything besides a normal paid job. That was my experience years ago. Now I obtain visa from Europe and America very easy as I have a good-looking passport. The key is to show them that you will NOT try to stay illegally in the country. It has nothing to do with the money.

The case of your girl can be difficult and there's high chance she would fail if she has a "clean" passport.

You sound like you want to throw in 10,000 usd so she can prove her financial support. I wouldn't recommend that as for your sake. I cannot judge if she's trustworthy with the money or not but the risk of being hurt and losing the money is there (sorry! But really!).

I have never got the interest to visit the UK so I don't have experience obtaining visa for the U.K myself. But I visit Germany and Switzerland few times a year and they can be considered one of the most difficult countries to get the visa. I have a lot of experience with their visa system, so to speak. The 2 countries have an option that their citizens can invite friends to visit the countries. All you have to do is to prove who you are: your citizenship status in the country, where you live, what you do, your financial status and they can require you to put like 20,000 euros in a locked bank account (Sperrkonto) as a guarantee your friends will go back to their homeland. If the period of visit is over and you cannot prove that they're back already, you lose that 20,000 euros and probably other fines/sentences in some severe cases. This is the option I would recommend you to do if you really want that girl to visit.

Whatever you do, make sure your heart and your pocket won't get hurt. Trust in wrong people can bring extremely bad consequences.

Good luck and stay safe!

Thanks for your reply. It's very useful.

My girlfriend has been to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. We are going to Myanmar in January.

I thought we might try going to Taiwan, but I haven't looked into getting a visa for her yet.

I go to Taiwan every month. Taiwan visa can be tricky. Make sure she has labour insurance.

With all that same hassle, maybe it's a better idea to consider going to Japan or Korea?

Yes I just looked at the visa requirements for Taiwan and it doesn't look easy at all.

It's a shame because the flights from Saigon are a good price.

I'll look into Japan and Korea. Are they fairly easy for Vietnamese to get visas? How about Hong Kong? I think the flights there are reasonably cheap.

Nope. It's a bit easier to get visa for Japan and Korea (compare to visa for Europe and America). What I meant is if you have to go through the hassle to get visa for Taiwan, you guys should consider Japan or Korea instead as their visas are considered "more reputation". Same hassle but more value. Korean visa might be easier for your girl.

Your gf wouldn't stand a chance for visa to Hongkong given she has a low paid job and Hongkong doesn't care much about "sponsorship".

Would a Transit Visa (thru HK) help in looking the passport 'prettier' (?)

Not the UK, but basically the same.

My friend told me yesterday that he was refused a visa to Australia, he is married to an Australian national, he owns two houses, has plenty of money in the bank after selling his restaurant and is studying to be a nurse. He was told that he could be a flight risk due to not having a job,this is all due to the many people before him who have done a runner.

This thread seems to be a recycle based on similar circumstances.

Thanks for the link to that thread. I've just read it. I did search for threads on this topic before I started a new one.

It seams no one knows what the uk tourists visa requirements are, except for UK immigration, and they won't tell anyone else!

So I suppose I need to take her to more countries. She's been to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and soon Myanmar. Where shall we go next? Is korea achievable next or is it too difficult to get a visa?

Kingsheathern :

It seams no one knows what the uk tourists visa requirements are, except for UK immigration, and they won't tell anyone else!

Did you follow the link to UK immigration that I posted on the other thread?  I went a few layers into it and it seemed a lot more transparent than the comparable US pages.  Why don't you just have her make an application and see what happens?  Worst case you are out an application fee and some time.

Kingsheathern :

Thanks for the link to that thread. I've just read it. I did search for threads on this topic before I started a new one.

I have to agree that the search function on this site does not work too well.


Unfortunately it's not a good time at the moment with border security a big issue . You've got the Brexit situation which heavily focused on the immigration problem.   

Your own profile will be looked at also.   Things like the age difference , how long you've known the girl, are you "boots on the ground" here , how did you meet etc....can derail  an  application before they even look at the girls situation.

I know a British guy here who finally got his girl into the UK.   Took him nearly 2 years of paperwork , then he married her, bought her a house & got her pregnant. 

  That all seemed to work.

Yogis mate back in Australia did exactly the same process and it worked for him too.

Took me 3 years, even with all of the above!
You still gotta prove you're fair dinkum.
But then, they knew how devious I am...     :blink:

What's this.....

Your a non drinker did you get into all that trouble sober?

Simple.   Got outa again.   (Too easy...)     :whistle:

I've know her since April 2014.  She is 11 years younger. She's 25 and I'm 36.

I've been to see her in Saigon 7 times since I first met her. I'm going again for NYE. I've also taken her to the countries previously mentioned as well as Hue, hoi Ann, Mui Ne and the Mekong delta (to see her parents). 

My main evidence for the above is Facebook photos. I also have lots of Facebook messenger conversations. We both have visa stamps in our passports.

I don't really want to go down the marriage visa route. I own 8 houses in the U.K. and the divorce rules here mean she would get half of all my assets if we split. Pre-nuptial agreements have no legal bearing here. 

Marriage is very risky for me! Marrying a girl from the UK would be just as risky. 

What are the divorce laws like in Vietnam?

Well, I'm from Saigon originally so we're here a bit more open towards western lifestyle, which means partnership for life without marriage or so. But your girlfriend is from Mekong Delta, where the people have different mindset, means getting married can be the only goal in life, especially for girls.

As you mentioned, you seem not to love her much. Like her very much yes, but not love. And your life goal is to protect your money. So from where I stand, you guys may have different goals in life, which may eventually cause conflicts sooner or later. So what's the point of this relationship?

You probably should tell her that you don't want to get married to see her reaction and take it from there. She's 25 yo and if she wants to be married, she has like few years left of her prime time. If you guys do have different life goals and opinions, splitting now will save both of you a lot of time, effort and money.

Sorry to be frank, which may hurt but heck, tell me if I'm wrong!

Ngan makes a very good point, if you are worried about your assets then tell the girl you have no intention of marriage.

Not sure if the UK works the same as Australia, but doesnt the wife only receive half of the financial gains from the point of time that you marry. What you have now is yours only the increases are taken into account. I may be wring on that point.

In the U.K. it's a 50/50 split. Sometimes the man has to pay the woman maintenance as well, even if there are no children involved!  It's a total joke and one of the reasons that marriage is declining in the U.K. 

Obviously I would contest the 50/50 split in the courts and I'd have a good chance of getting something better. Maybe 75/25. That process would be expensive.

Money is not my priority and I do want to marry my girlfriend eventually but I also think it makes sense to get to know each other better first. At the moment we only see each other when we're in holiday mode.

I don't think she's planning to take my money and run but situations change and if we separated that could well end up happening. The courts and lawers here would encourage her to get every penny out of me that she could. Her family probably would too. This would be the same regardless of how in love we were.

I have inherited most of my money and I feel I have a duty to protect it so I can pass it down to my children one day (I don't have any children yet).

Wow, I can see why you are worried.

Kingsheathern :

I have inherited most of my money and I feel I have a duty to protect it so I can pass it down to my children one day (I don't have any children yet).

Yet if you refuse to marry her, the chances that she will willingly give you children is a lot less, isn't it.  I only owned one house, and I bought every penny of it with my own hard earned cash, yet my wife ended up owning it.  My compensation is that one day, one of my children will.  It seems that you want it both ways.

colinoscapee :

Wow, I can see why you are worried.

Good one Colin, this blokes got a lot at stake.

I'd be very careful.  You have already indicated that " holiday mode" has been the flavour of the relationship so far.   I've seen so many guys come here for a few months a year over several years and that's the problem.  They never get to see the warts & all of a long term co habitation.

Too many blokes have only ever known the girl in the honey moon phase, and vice versa.

Your best option is ( if possible) take a year off work and come here and actually live together. It's not illegal anymore as some seem to believe.   Depending how you split your Tax years it won't cost as much as you may imagine, and could be the most valuable investment you ever make, if you get the drift.

There's a reason so many relationships here bite the dust.   You've got communication issues, personal and cultural compatibility and relationship expectations that sooner or later either work out OR totally screw up.

Time and patience will tell. 

One thing Yogi has learnt here is that people don't handle "time" & waiting very well.   It's the old " must have it now" routine.   If you give them enough rope and wait them out , they'll usually hang themselves. Sooner or later ( if they're a dud) theyll spit the dummy and you'll see their  true colours.....Yogi's a very patient bear and he's seen plenty of pretty colours. 😀

Your only 36, it's a great opportunity to take a career break and spend a year living in another culture while trying to determine if this lady is going to stay the distance.

Good luck mate.

Yogi007 :

Your best option is ( if possible) take a year off work and come here and actually live together. It's not illegal anymore as some seem to believe.   Depending how you split your Tax years it won't cost as much as you may imagine, and could be the most valuable investment you ever make, if you get the drift.

I don't think he has to worry about taking a break from work, Yogi.  He is practically landed gentry.  He owns 8 houses and, even in England, probably wouldn't have to work another day in his life except for his own amusement.  While in Vietnam, he certainly wouldn't need to be concerned with pesky things like work permits and teaching teenagers on weekends and so will be on "holiday mode" for a year instead of a few weeks.

I don't want it both ways. I'm happy for her to have half my money once we've had children (assuming we separate). Obviously I would want her to show restraint so she could pass money onto the children. I just don't want any woman to take a sizeable chunk of my money if we haven't had children.

I think the idea of moving to Saigon is a good one. In fact that's been my plan for 2 years now. I'm close to achieving this and I think I need another 18 months. By then I should have 11 houses, which should give me a sufficient income (I rent the houses out).

Ah!  ..intellect at work...

No problems here.   He's thought it through and knows
the tricks & traps us lesser mortals still suffer from.

Congratulations and Best Wishes.    Thinkers thrive.

So what are the divorce laws like in Vietnam? Are pre-nuptial agreements enforced?

"So what are the divorce laws like in Vietnam? Are pre-nuptial agreements enforced?"

Of course! 

As an ideal, right up there with the flying pigs!!

Forgive the snarkiness; study the history of Viet Nam.
It will not only help you understand your true self
but also how the real world works...     :blink:

For myself, this is as close to Utopia I wanna get!   
Sadly, the barbarians are already inside the gates...

Now We're getting somewhere.......

Just explain to her what a Pre-nuptial agreement is.     All your problems will be solved.

I did mention on another thread that a guys marriage here only lasted 12 hours when he mentioned the Pre Nup over breakfast the next day.   

But as Bazz said, the paper work agreements don't mean a lot .  There's No rule of Law here.

But the "law" does state a 50/50 split.  But 50% of something you can't get your hands on and out of the country is ZERO.    A guy here has been waiting 6 years for the marital home to sell.  It won't happen.   

Another guy in Danang tried to sell the house & business he paid for and the wife told the "Police" he had been spreading anti gubberment propaganda around the neighbourhood.......he got deported. 😬😬

But you'll still have 10 houses left in the UK if all goes to plan, and you only buy one here and LIVE here.  Get her onto UK soil and your down to 5 houses.    Ya get the drift.

Anyway,  there are no pockets in a shroud .  Enjoy your life while your still in it.

Yairs Yogi, but you can still hide stuff
..why else would they exhume bodies..?

(insert evil cackle here)      :mad:

Not sure why you need 11 houses, I would have thought rent from 8 would have been a fantastic income.

colinoscapee :

Not sure why you need 11 houses, I would have thought rent from 8 would have been a fantastic income.

Colin....could you please get up to speed with what's happening here...😉  Concentrate.

Ya see,...the main issue of this cross cultural relationship seems to be the division of assetts in the unfortunate but highly likely event of a divorce .

Can you imagine the shame this poor fellow will endure when he tells the good ole boys at the Birmingham Croquet Club that his property portfolio has now sunk to single digit holdings.  Oh the shame....😁😁

They'll probably demand that he hand back the club blazer.     

Anyhow , speaking of getting rid of clothing ,,Yogi is no longer wearing underpants.  I've thrown them out , the savages next door are wearing them now.   Yogis joined the " free ball" society.  Got em swingen in the breeze now..😀

All this Jealousy!!

Please remember, it's all relative, Col
(not counting the rellies)

While the upkeep pcm on the Rolls alone
would keep us poor people happy for more
than a few decades, Great Britain became
so by dudding its inhabitants for yonks.
(prehistory perhaps..?)

Which is also why the OP's cunning plan
will work.  His is the intellectual inheritance of
surviving a system designed to fleece the
flock out of more than the fudge we fled from.

..and after all, he has given us all the clues
we need to succeed.   Have rich parents.

(this info is not patented BTW)

Hail Britannia    :cheers:

Dunno too, of the 'Highly likely' event..?

Why would she walk away from all that potential..?

But then, who (would dare?) know the mind of a woman...    :unsure

Hi Bazz,
Unfortunately it's better than an even money bet back in our former abodes.  Both the UK and Oz the divorce rates are around 43% .

, BUT that doesn't include the people that are in de facto relationships, the people who simply separate and don't officially file the divorce papers, and worse still , the poor buggers that are making each other's lives a misery because they can't afford the division of  Assets.

Yogi has been to about a dozen weddings here, mostly mixed culture and they've all tanked.   

And here's the most cases the Foreign male has greatly contributed to his own downfall.   It's a very promiscuous environment here and these guys can't resist the cheap "barber shop" services and also the cheap alcohol hasnt helped either.     Most guys I know here screw around or would if they had the chance.

They fall on their own "sword".

Too many blokes are consumed by lust, loneliness and the ego of having a trophy wife.   That's sure to work long term 😜

And on the other side, and I've had this drummed into me by several Vietnamese friends , is that " it's not you they like , it's what you bring with you. "    Nothing unusual about that , who wants to marry a schmuck.

Ya still there Bazz..... Yogi is thinking about getting rid of his socks too.   How big are your tootsies.

Yeah, but preaching to the choir, Yoda

I came away from the (trying to) teach the
values of counselling & cognitive therapies
with the profound knowledge it was only helping
my own learning.  Current estimates hold that
about 5% actually use their awakening,
..but we all know how stats lie...  My guess is 2%

Agreed.  The 'Male' problem of Ego (and) thinking(?)
with the little head.  But who wants to face reality?

It will (always?) be fantasy is preferred.   Only us
who have been thru the meat factory know how
the real world works, but I admire Kingsly for being
able to see the wood in the trees.   He'll be Ok.

Too many blokes?  Most.  The Majority, I think.
Part of being Male, learning from the mistake?

Very rarely!   But not all the girls get it their way.

A (mate's mate) got his young bride, who boldly told
everyone how he would 'die soon and leave her rich'.
    ..two years later she died from breast cancer...

I think we all reap what we sow.
I'm very happy with my little crop...    :proud

..socks..?   Who wears socks..?

Read 'Money No.1' by Neil Hutchinson
(banned in Thailand & Philippines)

..that'll cure you of socks.  Guaranteed...   :D

Eight houses does provide an income I could live on but it's much lower than the income from my current 9 to 5 job. Taking such a big pay cut would feel like I was going backwards. I couldn't afford to fly between the uk and Vietnam 4 times a year.

Also I don't own the houses outright. They are mortgaged. When interest rates go up my profits will go down. I could even end up making a loss on each house. This is why I need eleven so I am reasonably well protected from unforeseen events.

With eleven houses I think I'd earn about the same as a mid-level teacher in the UK. I doubt I could afford a Rolls! Probably couldn't even afford the VW polo I currently drive (which is owned by the company I work for).

If, after a divorce, I only had 5 houses I'd have to go back to work, and I hate my job! 

So how about a visa for the UAE?  She'd like to see Dubai.

Ya still with us mate.....
Game On.

If you can get a Visa for UAE it would be a good idea to marry her before you get there and carry the documents with you.    You maybe aware that public displays of affection (PDA ) are frowned upon and can have you locked up.   
And also , security staff at hotels are very suspicious of certain nationalities of women walking around with Anglo Saxon men. It ain't the best place to have a romantic getaway with an attractive Vietnamese woman.   

A country girl from the Mekong would like to visit Dubai.......

You wanna hope she hasn't heard the joints crawling alive with mega rich oil barons and yuppies earning tax free incomes.

If she's read your above post, she might be thinking your a "Low brow" prospect.😀

Anyhow mate ,  if you want the pretty girl and some of those rug rats you had better start marrying someone. 

I'd be taking Dubai of my list of options.

(Don't) ignore Yogi: he means well
but (I hope) he meant 'off' not of the list.

Dubai is really dodgy.  Read the reviews.

Nor would I be worried about the interest rates
as even the doom & gloom merchants seem to agree
the fiat system is headed for a total collapse, so stay
with the three: assets, gold and cash.

Women look for security: men for sex.
You can think.  You'll be Ok.    :top:

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