Port Moresby is hell on earth

I just spent 14 months working in port moresby.
There is no town center and it isn't safe at all.
The *** government doesn't pay the police.
So the police drunk Will make you pay.
This is the reign of the violence.
Rappists are arrested and detained for few days at the police station.
The government doesn't have any money to build or manage a prison.
So, the city is an opened Sky jail where you ve got to run not to be caught by the rascals or the police.
The rascals Will kill you first and Will steal what they can from you.
The country is almost bankrupted. The currency is going down every day.
Profesionaly, you can't trust underpaid locals stealing what they can or just not coming at all because drunk.
Girls are going with old dirty White deviant guys to be *** and trying to trick them.
Well, it's just my opinión from port moresby.
Some days the country side is full of good people with amazing landscape.
I never had a chance to get there.
For 14 months, I never could have been walking in the street by day or by night.
I am actually in south América and I am happy walking and shopping in the street as a free man.
Thank you and god bless you.

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