Looking for accommodation in Karen, Nairobi

Hi guys,

Looking to find accommodation in the Karen area. Would prefer a furnished place with access to wifi.

I'll be moving to Nairobi on the 1st December, if anybody thinks they might know a place, please pm me for more details.

Also, anybody that has any advice on the move from Ireland to Kenya, that would be great too :)


Hi Rianjones,
I am a kenyan living in Niarobi.I might be of much help with your settling here in kenya.tell me about the type of house you are looking for and  kindly feel free to ask me anything you would wish to know. :)


Hi everyone,

@ Riainjones, feel free to drop an advert in the Housing in Nairobi section of the website so that you may get some offers.

All the best,

Hello Riainjones

Welcome to Kenya and to Nairobi in particular.

You may want to narrow down on your inquiry by providing

1.  Specific date that accommodation is required and for how long

2.  Your budget

3.  Size of accommodation say a room in a shared apt or house, one bedroomed apartment.....

4.  Are you set on Karen only or are open to other areas

This information will be of great help in locating an ideal place for you to stay.

Kind regards


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Did you found a place to live?

I wish to know if you got a place to live....don't be stranded when we can help you settle.

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