New intern in Arusha trying to make friends

Hi there,

I have just moved from Canada to Arusha and am looking to meet other expats and find a good social network. I will be living here for the year and looking for other volunteers and interns to make friends with.

you are most welcome.....feel free to drop by in dar

Hi Hannah!
I am from Chile and I start a volunteer program in January. If you will still being there we can make a funny and interested social network. I will be with 4 more Chilean friends, maybe we can meet and make funny activities together. I will be there for 3 months and after that,  I want to travel over Africa. I will expect for your answer.
Bests! :)

HI there :)

I will be here for 8 more months, maybe sometime on an upcoming weekend we could meet up somewhere in town.

Am interested

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