good offer?

Hi there,
After several interviews, I've been offered a job in Abu Dhabi, yeah!
It all sounds to good to be true, so help me wake up and tell me what I'm missing.

If I decide to take the job, my family will move with me, wife and two children (8 and 10). Until half an year ago, we've been living as expats in another country in Europe. Home doesn't feel like home (and very boring) and this looks like a good opportunity for some excitement. And offcourse I would like to save some (a lot) for the future.

So numbers now,
Basic         35000
Housing   15000
Telephone 1200
Other.      15000
Furniture.    800
Recreation   600
Airfare.       3800

Health insurance is included
Per child 40000 school fee a year
15000 moving fee
30 days annual leave

Sigh.... nice offer, what the offers used to be like in the "old days" before companies started cutting costs.

Very decent offer by all means.

Airfare? is that per month or per year? Get them to specify, if per year, that would only cover one single ticket from here to Europe. If its per month then its a good figure - 45k - enough for tickets for yourself and the family.

So the total offer is just over 70k per month (basic and allowances?)

It's per month...over 70.000.
Airfare also per month.

My experience is 15+ years. At this moment I'm paid very well, but taxes are high.

Sounds good, still looking for the catch....

Did they provide you with an official offer letter yet?

If you don't mind me asking, what industry is this in?

Got the letter and they have arranged a visit for me within two weeks.

Business is very small, I'll keep that one to myself, hope you don't mind.

But the offer is good?

Yes, its a good offer, especially if you take the tax breaks into consideration.

I think its a very good idea to visit and see the situation first hand.

Very nice offer with family if they are providing the schooling (as you said they are), top american/english schools are withing this range from 40-50k per year so its good even if you have to pay 1000 from your pocket. The good acomodation with 3 bedroom would cost you 150-180k which is also fine with your 15000 per month. Good to accept

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