Filipino's and food in Tunis

Hi Guys,
We are planning to move to Tunis in January 17 and my wife is from the Philippines.
Are there any Filipinas in Tunis and how do we get in touch ?
Can you buy Filipino food anywhere in Tunis.



hi there BG. I am from Philippines, married to a Tunisian guy. will be moving to hammam sousse somewhere between may or june of 2017. Also curious about the same thing. Let me know if you have info :) Thanks.

Hi, we visited there in December and met up with some local Filipinos who were very welcoming .
There is a community group on Facebook if you search there . Good luck with your move and if your in Tunis get in touch. B.G

Hi can you give me the name of the group in FB im planning to travel in tunisia this year.

Hi! I am going to visit Tunisia soon. Can I know where are you located in Tunisia?

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