Quran hifz for kids

Aoa ,

We are moving to jubail. Currently my kids go for learning quran in riyadh. Need to know for quran memorization schools in jubail, please let me know.

Jazak allah khair

Qari Lutfullah and his staff take evening Quran classes in Indian school every evening on school days. (Entrance is backside of the Indian school.) They also operate a full time hifz school inside SWCC compound in the morning.
You may want to contact the local dawah center for more information - I think they have a Urdu/Hindi branch.

For boys there is full-time madrassah in tahlia near naval Base. For girls there is no full-time madrassah. My friend and I are trying to come up with a program for girls inshAllah.

Hi , did u guys find a full time hifz School for girls yet . There's one in tahlia but they only work in the mornings. I have 3 daughters.

Check in Indian School in jubail ..

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