Tenby Setia alam, APIS and Kingsley


My kids are yr 7 and yr 10. We will be moving back to malaysia after 6 years of living abroad. We are looking at Tenby Setia alam, APIS and also Kingsley and would love to have your individual opinions on these schools? My concern is that a few of the subjects will be relatively new for my daughters as they do not study them here and they will definitely have a lot of catching up to do. If there are any parents here with children in those mentioned schools could you please tell me if there are any expat students or mainly locals only? How about the teachers? Are they locals as well?
Are the schools friendly and efficient in handling complaints or queries from parents? Most importantly, are your children happy?

A million thanks

You should be able to get more school info from


You might want to consider a new international school called Peninsula International School Australia at Setia Alam which is very near to Tenby also.

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