Learn to ski China. Looking for travel friend/s or advice :)

Hey people,

I love winter and thought it would be cool to try to learn to ski, sometime during the upcoming winter vacation - Jan to Feb '17. I will visit Tokyo for a week to see some friends but after that I thought it would be cheaper and interesting to visit a good ski resort, for beginners in China. I've heard that there is a fairly new ski resort in Sichuan. Has anyone been there or is interested in possibly visiting it to enjoy the winter fun and try to learn to ski? Or can you recommend a great place somewhere in China? I've tried snowboarding once but I did so without any lessons and it's definitely not an easy activity (as I found out). So I'd love to try something easier, I think, like skiing and experience more of beautiful and friendly China :D Thanks!

I can teach you

There are several opportunities to ski in Liaoning, a popular hill in the the Qianshan area (about a 50 rmb taxi east of Anshan Railway Station). It might be a good stop on the way to the Harbin ice festival. On our recent hike up Qianshan we found this area is really off the tourist trail, so the right pongyo is advisable to help get a hotel that is willing to take in foreigners and help with other matters.

Following thread as we also be interested in learning to ski in China. What days were you thinking about going?

Thanks for the information Ian :)

At this stage I'm thinking mid to late January or even early February.

We have 01/20 thru 02/15 off but will be going to Spain for a cruise near the latter part of that time off. If you end up going, let us know. We are a family of 4, 2 teenagers, a 15 year old son and a 14 year old daughter-that may be too much for you, or it may be fun to have some time with other English speakers. Keep me posted-would not be offended if you didn't :)

Did you learn ski after all?  :D

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