Info needed, Going Uae/bahrain from Riyadh

HI All,

I just want to know that how can i check that i am eligible to move Uae/bahrain for a short visit. I have residence visa KSA. Please can any body share requirements?? fees?

Do i need to contact with Uae/bahrain embassies or any other source??

For bahrain you don't need to get a visa since you can enter bahrain up to 14days as to visit, for medical practisioner there is no fee collected when u enter bahrain,but for other profession i think u need to pay but if would cost u less, for uea u have to get a visa prior to going there u can get online. (This is just my personal exp.)

I am planning to go by road. In this case do i also need to get visa before for uae??

I'm not sure but when i was travelling they said no visa no travel. But just look up to it.

For Bahrain no requirements.

For UAE profession should comply and apply it online, link shared many times on the forum.

Thanks Dear..

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