Will be living in Rabat for 6 months next year

My wife and I and our two small children will be living in Rabat for 6 months next year as we explore the great country of Morocco and get to know its people and culture. We've traveled to other countries around the world, our last trip was to Malta where we stayed for 2 months doing the same.

We want to stay in Rabat because it looks like a good central location to explore the other places of Morocco easily. It's also a little close to Casablanca but not so busy/crazy, we're not really "big city" people.

My question is, what districts or neighborhoods should I look at when I consider renting a flat in Rabat? I've heard Agdal and Souissi are the usual districts for expats? Or are there better considerations?

I've estimated a budget of about $17k/USD for our 6 month stay, does that sound about right?

Any tidbits of advice for us?

Thanks for your help!

welcome to Morocco Agdal is good but you to choose the place before the flat . as you know its winter you have to bring lots of clothes and a small advice dont show that you have money they will always double the price you have to always negotiate the price to rent a flat its in between 300 and 450 USD its depend on the things inside
and welcome in Agadir im from agadir

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