Can i accept the job offer

Hi guys,

I ended up attending an interview for a software company for a role of senior web developer. But the position they are offering me is a managerial one wherein team leads report to me. The role seems fine but the salary they are offering me is 3000 dhs without any benefits. They are saying that since i do not have any uae experience this is what they could offer me now. Do you think its a good idea to accept the offer ? 

P.S : I have close to 5 years experience in the industry

Hello sindy.

Yes this is a big problem and excuse that most company's use to give low salaries.  Unfortunately this is a norm. Buthe I must admit 3000 is not enough of course!  When you add up all your expenses and how much things cost in uae.  I wouldn't except it but it's upto you. You can search on line that gives you a guild line of position salaries from and to.
Good luck!

Please dont accept.

Not enough for a decent living

Will agree with the two...please do not accept such a offer for such a position. you will just be in a tight conner each day if ever.

i think no

absolutely a non starter!:(

It's been more than 3 months since I've been trying for a job and ive been unemployed from may 2016 ,this is just the first job that I got. If i leave a huge gap I'm afraid that it might affect my career. I'm in a fix now

Which part of UAE is ur job ? may i knw ur boss's Nationality? 5 years experienced always have a chance to ask little more.Here most of them catch on the lack of UAE experience. But i will tell you to take the job if company is offering transporting/ ask them for transporting. Its always better to be on job than having a gap in the career. Here you can easily change your job within 1 year. UAE is a nation where the local experience gets counted even if its 1-2 years. So go for it if no other option. In the starting you will find it bit tough, but you will feel good for the decision to stay in the country other than leaving without job.

Without UAE experience if at all you performed 90% well in the interview also they will tell you are lacking UAE experience for that 10% will put you in the same salary scale.

Only look this is the same field in which you find yourself in the future and this job will help you to get some good experience. Its only a matter of taking risk of 1 year or less.... Best of Luck...

The job is  in abu Dhabi. And the company is based out of India.

I would suggest kindly decline the offer. It is not worth moving in this region with that pay scale, you are likely better off where you are today.


You can request to increase the offer since this location you cant manage the stuffs within this budget. quiet expensive in capital. cheers.

If you are married and your husband has job also to support you..if company allow transport then i think you can save a bit in this amount also

3000 or you missed a zero (30k?) if its 3k, donot even attempt to come as its labour salary here and you wont be surviving even living in sharing and have some decent lifestyle.

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